Warm Bistro Salad with Feta

I go through phases feeling like I need to eat more salads and veggies. If they aren’t very interesting or flavorful—which requires effort!—I’m often just not that into it. And, especially when I’m making a big main dish, there’s sometimes no effort left to do something exciting with lettuce or a vegetable on the side. Read More

Sarah’s White Chicken Chili Recipe

click here to Pin this recipe It’s pretty much subconscious at this point – when the weather turns colder, and the leaves start turning, I start craving bowl after bowl of this white chicken chili. This is not just any white chicken chili – it is a specifically non-authentic, cheap-thrills-style white chicken chili that my Read More

Teff Flour Pancakes | Candra Mae

Gluten free, egg free, dairy free teff flour pancakes.  I’ve been making these a lot lately and my girls seem to love them. They are rich in flavour, nutrient dense and have the best pancake consistency. Teff flour is high in fiber and protein, plus a great source of manganese, calcium and iron. Sounds like Read More

My Vegan Veggie Dip

People always ask about my dip, so here are the ingredients (no rocket science here): Vegenaise Seasoning salt (try Summerhill Market’s Orignial Spice Blend–it’s a McMullen family favourite) Parsley Cilantro The magic comes from the last two ingredients, fresh herbs go a long way. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve with your favourite Read More

Green Smoothie for Immune Support & Energy

My green smoothie recipe for you. I started making these over a year ago for Brad and I. We have one every morning and Brad drinks it without complaint. Undeniably, these green smoothies have given us more energy and a better immune system. Easy recipe below: 1 organic apple1 handful of kale1 handful of spinach1 Read More

How To Cook Tofu – Pinch of Yum

This post was originally published back in 2018, but thanks to our deep deep love for tofu, we wanted to share it again with our new favorite way to cook it (crispy baked tofu forever!) plus a new video. Tofu! Familiar to some and bizarre to many. It can be baked, fried, sautéed, marinated, scrambled Read More

Cauliflower Mashshed Potatoes | Candra Mae

Just a simple twist on cauliflower, the secret ingredient is pecorino cheese. I don’t usually eat cheese but if I do it’s usually pecorino. Pecorino is a hard sheep cheese from Italy. It is easier on my digestive system and has a great profile for Omegas 3s and 6s, plus higher calcium than cow’s cheese.Recipe Read More

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