One-Hour Sheet Pan Thanksgiving Sides Recipe

click here to Pin this recipe This recipe is sponsored by ALDI Hi. Let me introduce you to the easiest way to make three Thanksgiving sides, with minimal hands-on work, in roughly one hour: THE SHEET PAN METHOD. Here are the three delicious sides that you’ll get with this one hour of time: Roasted Garlic Read More

Miracle No Knead Bread Recipe

There’s a reason we are calling this MIRACLE NO KNEAD BREAD. This recipe was originally published in 2016, and to this day remains one of the most popular and top-rated recipes on the blog! It’s the perfect match for soup weather, and we just wanted to be sure you keep it in your cozy food Read More

Super Quick Ramen Bowls

Making Ramen Bowls is a newish thing at our house, and what I’ve learned is how incredibly quick and easy they are to make! Especially with whole-grain ramen noodles readily available, this is becoming one of our go-to one-dish dinners for busy weeknights. We first got excited about Ramen Bowls when we visited Japan two Read More

Oatmilk Honey Latte Recipe – Pinch of Yum

click here to Pin this recipe Holy moly, this is good. Steaming hot, rich, and dark, but also satisfyingly creamy – thank you, oatmilk! – and just barely sweet and warm-spiced… it’s hard for this not to just feel like the drink form of your favorite sweater. Even with just a handful of ingredients, the Read More

Sweet Potato Casserole with Brown Sugar Topping Recipe

Sweet potato casserole! ♡ And let me tell you, friends: this crunchy brown sugar topping will give you life. You didn’t think I would, but oh yes, in fact, I did. I am tossing you a Thanksgiving recipe today. THANKSGIVING! And I want you to catch it and love it, okay? It is a deep, rich, sweet potato Read More

5 Ingredient Cashew Sauce | Candra Mae

Cashew sauce for regular pasta or veggie spiral pasta. This is what I’m serving up for dinner tonight. #meatlessmonday It’s a cashew based sauce over butternut squash and beet spirals.How do you think it’s going to go? I’m going to be honest with you, I think this is going to be a tough night at dinner for Read More

Dijon Chicken Skillet with Kale

This might be our new favorite one-dish dinner! This Dijon Chicken Skillet with Kale has such a simple sauce, but is so flavorful and fancy. I love restaurant-quality dishes that are almost effortless to make at home! We were practically licking the last bits of sauce off our plates with this one.   I served Read More

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