Is Organic Chicken a Good Choice?

One question I’ve heard a lot is, “What if I can’t find a good locally raised meat source in my area? What’s the next best option?” The answer is: ORGANIC! I love how much more accessible organic chicken is becoming at even mainstream grocery stores nowadays. Whenever I’m in a pinch and need to grab Read More

Coconut Curry Ramen – Pinch of Yum

click here to Pin this recipe This post contains referral links for products we love. Pinch of Yum earns a small commission on these links at no cost to you, and the links will always be marked with an asterisk. We ♡ honesty! How about we make a noodle dish that’s kind of a curry, Read More

What I Ate Wednesday • May

Hello and welcome to my private food life! As in, the foods I eat when I’m just… living life. Like a person. Not in food blog mode. My eating this month has been a little bit all over the place. I had a weekend birthday binge of very delicious, well, birthday-type foods, and then I Read More

DIY Healthier Homemade Nacho Bar

How to set up a DIY Nacho Bar with healthier toppings! It’s hard not to love nachos! While the chips are always going to be deep-fried (i.e., NOT real food), there are ways to make the rest of your nachos reasonably healthy! So, just in time for Cinco de Mayo this weekend, I thought it’d Read More

Cuban Black Bean and Yellow Rice Bowls (with Roasted Plantains!)

This is easily my older daughter’s new favorite meal, and I even have the text screenshot to prove it, LOL. She was on a 3-day 8th-grade field trip to the Outer Banks and trying to power through all sorts of mass-produced and questionable fast food when she sent me this text message. I love that Read More

April Coffee Date – Pinch of Yum

I SEE GREEN! Not just inside, either. Because it’s April! The grass is finally visible and the garden has some lil flowers poppin up and my shoulders are finally relaxing after a long, isolating winter. By the way, please be impressed by the fact that this **thriving** monstera plant was sent to me two years Read More

Warm Breaded Goat Cheese & Beet Salad with an Orange Dressing

I can attest that some things are an acquired taste! At least this has been my experience with beets—something I rarely make, until now! Several years ago, I started ordering beet salads at restaurants whenever one looked especially good, in the hopes that I would eventually warm up to the earthy flavor of beets. They Read More

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